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Why do you want to be more productive?

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    • Building a better home for your family is an awesome goal, Mary!

      Put some extra time in lesson 2 (What is procrastination) and the accompanying challenge. Those will be of big help.

      Good job wanting to improve yourself and also, getting started. Those are often the hardest.

  • I want to be because my daughters deserve a better mother. I am at a down fall. Staying with a friend. I feel as if I just can’t push forward anymore. Was raised in DCF. Never met my Blood line. All I have is my daughters. With no job. No apartment no car. I go to church a lot. But no help. All I ever wanted was to give my kids a life I never thought I can give them. I wish good people can help my daughters and I. From Ruby A Rivera

    • Hey Ruby. You’re dealt with a worse hand than most but we’ll do something about that! The course will help you get started on giving your kids the best life and I’m here as well to help you with anything else you need!

  • Clear my home of clutter 2 get motivated and enthusiastic about my life (I am more of an on looker in my own life and I feel helpless,)

  • I am 41 years old and I live in my parents basement. I am a struggling with addiction, I have come a long way the past few years but just have absolutely no ambition in life. I struggle with PTSD which is the reason I started self-medicating about 20 years ago, which obviously didn’t help and next thing I knew I was 40. I don’t want to be MORE PRODUCTIVE, I JUST WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE because I feel totally useless the way my life is going now. THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY, CAN’T WAIT TO START…

    • Hey Jamie,

      First, thank you for joining!

      Second and much more important, good job on getting started! It’s the most difficult part.

      Finally, There are many people that are struggling with addiction (from Facebook to nicotine or drugs) and you’re one of the few that realize the fact. Knowing that means you can be mindful and work on making yourself into a better person (one baby step at a time). And I’m going to help you get there!

      Anyhow, good luck on the course and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional help!

  • Im getting older and it seems like I am drowning in my own disorganization. I make lists the night before, but in the morning I forget to even look at the list! I have great intentions before I go to sleep, but every day my list gets longer instead of shorter. I use to be so organized, and neat and tidy. Now I have organized piles at best. I can’t seem to get anywhere on time, no matter how important it is, something comes up to make me late; even if it isn’t my fault directly…something happens to make sure that I am at least 5 minutes late. I have to become more productive, so that I can feel better about myself, and so that I can find a good job real soon, and keep it!

    • Hey Brandi,

      Good job on getting started!

      I have struggled with the exact same situation a few years back. The frustration of having the ambition to excel but something always happening is maddening. The course will help you get out of there. Promise!

      Just follow the lessons, don’t rush it and you’ll see improvements in no time. If you’re struggling for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll help!

  • Most of my coworkers commission is 3 times more than my own. I have been at my job for 4 months now, and would like to be at or really close to what they make by month 6.

  • Cos I will be useful to my environment, society, family, to my economy and most especially to myself. Productive is active and I rather say than do so I wanna rather do than say

  • I have to be productive because too many hours of my day go by and I often wonder where did the time go and why I wasn’t as productive.

    • Well, Phil, you will feel a rush, okay? But it will be another kind of rush, one that you’ll enjoy because you won’t have all the pressure of doing stuff in the last possible minute. Good luck!

  • If this is a ligitment , FREE , program , my goal is to be more productive in all areas of my life as I am consumed with Depression and a total lack of motivation to live a better life.

  • I want to make a positive change in my life, a change that will ultimately have a positive impact on the lives that will be touched. I want to be the best version of myself. I know I am better than the person I am; it’s jut hard getting to being the person I want to be. But I am willing to put in the work, hoping this course will yield the positive outcome….

    • Phephisile, being the best version of oneself is one thing we all need to strive for yet not many do. The good news is you’re already familiar with most of the ideas behind the course – you only need to slightly readjust your view and you’ll be moving towards your best self at top speed!

  • I am missing out on life with my kids and I am holding back my success in life!! I hate being late for everything!!!! But I feel like I can’t help it!!!! Like something else is holding me back!!!!

    • I’ve felt the same way for years, Sylvia. Bad habits are usually that “bad person” holding you back. The good news is that the course will help you chase that “bad person” out of your mind!

  • So I can accomplish something in my life, to get important things done that have to be done sooner or later..I’m so tired of not getting things done, and having depression and anxiety doesn’t help.because it’s so hard to even get out of the house, or out of my room on a daily basis as much as I want to get out I have a hard time it’s so painful but I do it. Once out I’m fine… procrastinating isn’t good either and I want to overcome it
    Thanks for your help.

    • Depression and anxiety are what drove me to productivity as well, Karen. You’ll be delighted to find that besides taking care of those, you’ll find a lot of joyful and fun moments as well!

  • My dream is to be a writer but that was 3 years ago, now I’m 18 yo and go to nursing college. I want to be able to communicate with many people but when I meet new people I just feel nervous. I feel less confident and afraid while in the hospital. Its my story wkwk sorry for my bad english

  • I always have so much stress, and i go to work hardly every day ,I postponement most of works ,Ialways feel bored ,tired and sad i don’t feel satisfied with my life ?

  • I need to see improvement in all areas of my life finances education and especially family relationships as well as love relationships

  • Because everything that I’m procrastinating with is life-threatening.
    Also I am holding back my 18 year old daughter from things that she should be experiencing right now.
    My spirituality is also affected.

  • Trying to learn what happened? I retired and now all of a sudden I can’t push myself to get things done. I want to be more productive so I can get my life back!

    • Hey Sharon,

      Working a full-time job has a way of getting you in line, but once that is gone why bother?

      That’s a question I’ve had to ask myself a lot while I was freelancing. You’ll need to find your own answer, but mine was simple (but not easy): “To help make everyone’s lives better.”

      Good luck!

  • I recently got divorced and now have so much on my plate. But the divorce set me back a great deal. Have a new house and more responsibility and need to get up and going for myself and my boys!!

  • I have set up and run several companies but I focus on the work I enjoy. There are 3 things I need to carry out 1) step out of my comfort zone and and start to spend more time networking on linkedin and partner with other consultants 2) Start to exercises 30 min a day on my less mills home exercise classes and 2 x 30 mins slot practicing guitar playing.

  • i started a small business where i provide a survice of dog walking pet sitting and house sitting , i work full time also. i need to spen more time on my business on my rest days.

    • Start small – make an iron rule of dedicating 1 hour to your side-business on your rest days (it’s fine if you put in more time, but never drop under the hour). When you get used to that minimum, you can start increasing it by 30 minutes every couple of weeks until you’re satisfied with the amount of time you’re spending. Some of my clients have done splendidly by just using the hour which allowed them to get started on rest days without ever having to increase it.

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