The Lazy Man’s Way to Productivity [Using Private Browsing]

Did you know your browser had a private browsing mode, a mode in which it doesn’t save passwords or history? Of course, you know… perv. Surprisingly, the private browsing mode will boost your productivity!

Private Browsing: Productive private browsing?
Yes, you can use it for more than “educational movies”.

I’ll presume you’ve followed my advice about notifications. Now you diligently disconnect and put your phone away while you work. What else could ever distract you?

Temptation (it’s spelled C8H11NO2). The temptation of visiting social media can distract you.

You might have a new message in that Messenger chat, a new follower on Twitter, or a new like on Facebook. Exciting! And if you’re like me, or any millennial for that matter, you also hate waiting. And when you add one to the other you get kryptonite. Kryptonite that doesn’t kill you but your productivity.

Why use Private Browsing in a nutshell?

  • Private browsing logs you out of social media. Manually logging in breaks your unproductive patterns and gives your brain a chance to get back to work.

Productivity Kryptonite

What happens when you wait?

You get bored. Nowadays, we’re all so addicted to dopamine that we fear boredom. And your brain has the answer. Social media.

Remember when social media was fun? You entered this cool website, had a laugh, messed around for a bit, and then left? It was pretty fun. Your brain remembers that. Now, when you’re about to visit a social media website, your brain anticipates it. And in anticipation, it releases dopamine (and you feel good).

To top that off, your brain releases even more dopamine when the reward is uncertain. You might get a new follower and you might get a new message. The more unpredictable or close to 50% it is – the more dopamine is released. Check the image below.

Private Browsing: Dopamine by Susan Weinschenk
“Dopamine is highest when things are unpredictable” by Susan Weinschenk

Social media, being sometimes entertaining, makes your brain release tons of dopamine. And you’re afraid of boredom. When you start getting bored you think about something fun to do. But you’re working, so it needs to be quick and easy. You think of social media, your brain releases a ton of dopamine. You get distracted. Kryptonite.

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You don’t want to be distracted

If you’re waiting for something on your computer, it’s better to wait it out. You’ll avoid attentional residue and increase your overall focus. But you’re bad sometimes, aren’t you?

I’m sure, you’re more disciplined at work than I am. But there are times you visit social media automagically. You unintentionally succumb to the dopamine rush of your kryptonite. Why does that happen?

It’s a habit to visit social media.

You get bored, you visit social media. Do it several hundred times and it’s a habit.

But, you ask, how do you change that if you’re doing it without thinking. You can’t just start thinking and viola. You have to be smart. One way is to use private browsing.

Private Browsing

Private browsing breaks the pattern of your social media habits. You have to log in first. This gives your higher cognition a chance to analyze the current situation and stop you.

Private Browsing: Working Hard
Private browsing might even magically conjure you a new Mac. Tell me if that happens!

Additionally, your brain hates effort. You automagically pick social media because it’s easy. Entering passwords, on the other hand, is a hassle. There’s also a good chance you’ll feel too lazy to go through all that just to check your feed for the 13th time today.

Don’t know how to turn on private browsing? I’ve got you covered.

So, you will just have to use private browsing for checking your social media accounts. Even better, use private browsing for not checking your social media accounts. Focus instead of procrastination. That’s it.

Here you have it, private browsing helps productivity. Surprising as it may sound, it will help you get distracted less. That’s good. It might also get you to try The Waiting Habit. That’s also good.

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Go on, give this a shot today and share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them!

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The Lazy Man’s Way to Productivity [Using Private Browsing]


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