Vision & Mission


Our vision is of a world in which everyone is empowered to find fulfillment and purpose while crafting brave and successful version of themselves.


Never Productive is a nonprofit personal productivity community that helps people everywhere leverage tips, tricks, and best practices to beat procrastination, build better habits, and sharpen their focus to craft the best version of themselves. The organization was founded by software architect and entrepreneur Jordan Georgiev in the wake of one of his projects failing due to lack of self-reflection. That’s when he had a spark of inspiration to hunt down every personal development and productivity tactic he could find. The more he learned, the more his interest grew into an obsession. Eventually he decided to share what he’d learned by launching the personal productivity blog Never Productive.

Today, Never Productive is a fast-growing productivity lifestyle community consisting of global creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who share educational and motivating content and courses covering everything from best practices for improving self-discipline to understanding how to create positive habits, how to cope with the anxiety and depression of mental overload, and how to find and maintain motivation while recognizing the warning signs of procrastination. Our ultimate mission is to help people master personal productivity so they can craft the best version of themselves.