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Hi. I’m Jordan.

I help awesome, growth-oriented people like you do epic things.

I want to help you:

get more donestop procrastinatingachieve lasting successdevelop great habitsbuild happinesslive an epiclife

Ready to get started?

Is this the right place for you?

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re already astonishing. Maybe you rock at your job and enjoy every bit of it. Or maybe, you’re a little more interested in one of your awesome hobbies and really shine there.

But something is amiss. This simply isn’t enough for you. There’s more to be achieved in life and you’re ready for more!

Learn how to handle life


Your growth is your habits. I’ll help you maintain the good ones and get rid of the bad ones.


Your goals, your way. I won’t tell you what success looks like, but I’ll teach you how to get there.


You know how important happiness is, but you’re not always happy.

Achieve Massive Productivity

Get rid of procrastination

Productivity is the key to achieving what you want from life. It’s you way to mastery and fulfillment, the key that opens the gates of purpose.

But where’s productivity, there’s procrastination. It’s easy to waste hours, days, or even years procrastinating. Tweeting instead of spending time with your family. Scrolling 9gag instead of building a business. Watching Netflix, instead of achieving great things.

I’ll teach you simple principles that’ll help you avoid procrastination and get more done. You only need to be consistent. Ready?

Here’s some great articles to get you started:

Achieve Lasting Success

If you’re a normal person (unlike me), you’re not pursuing productivity itself. You’re pursuing success. Being more productive is just a stepping stone.

But what is success, really?

That depends on you.  You might want to start a business, connect with your family, or even conquer the world. Just go for it!

Now, after you’ve picked an awesome goal to pursue, here are a few useful articles on success that you’ll like: 

Build Great Habits

Habits are by far the most overlooked thing in our lives. 90% of what you do is a habit, from pushing the gas pedal on your car to eating ice cream when sad.

Learning to understand and control those habits might be the most important thing you’ll ever need to learn. Good ones can get you to master skills or shine in your job with practically no effort, while bad ones can ruin your health, life, or even literally kill you.

The stakes are high, but there’s someone who can control them. You. You have the power to mold your habits into anything you like.

Here are some articles to get you started on the process:

Make Your Own Happiness

Yes, make your own happiness. Happiness isn’t something you just find, it’s a culmination of your effort, habits, and a little luck.

But some forget everything and focus on the luck part. Or today’s weather. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you can live a much better life if your happiness is controlled by you.

Learning to get in touch with yourself and being happier will make you a better person. Not only that, but it will make everyone around you a bit better, as well.

Here’s some of my articles that can help you get there:

Live an Epic Life

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I’m Jordan. Welcome to my blog!

Here you’ll find my compiled thoughts about productivity, happiness, and life in general. Use what you like, discard what you don’t like, and craft the best version of you!

Copyright © 2020 NeverProductive. All rights reserved.

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