There are countless conferences and events each year focused on health, productivity, and technology. Most of them are a source of knowledge and insights. Although we do not have established relations with the organizers and participants in the events presented below, we share them with you because we believe they can introduce you to new topics, explore opportunities and discover trends that you can turn into creative solutions to build a more connected, accurate and innovative tomorrow in which prosperity is our future.


Annual Conference of the Global Forum on Productivity

December 8 – 9, 2020
Berlin, Germany

Every year The Global Forum on Productivity brings together high-level policymakers, top academics and experts on productivity. The main topic they will discuss at the 2020 event is “Market Dynamics, Competition and the Role of Industrial Policy”. We will have an opportunity to learn about digital technologies and business models that drive productivity growth and how they are one of the keys to job creation and prosperity.

IBI/Conference Board Health and Productivity Forum

September 14, 2020

This virtual event will be hosted the week of Sept 14, 2020, by Integrated Benefits Institute. The main topic is the holistic value proposition for health and wellbeing. The speakers from all over the world will explore innovative solutions in managing the whole picture of health and wellbeing strategies, productivity, and business success.



Recycling and E-waste Management

December 10-11, 2020
Dubai, UAE

The motto of the 17th edition of the World Congress on Recycling and E-waste Management is “Recycle Today for a Sustainable Environment”. Waste management is indicated as one of the key issues of present-day society due to the consistently growing volume and intricacy of waste disposing of. World leaders, Ecologists, Environmental academia’s, Experts from Chemical and Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering departments; Paper, plastic, glass, textile, etc. recycling Industries will provide an environment to disseminate and gain current knowledge in the area of Recycling and Waste Management.

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