There’s no doubt that the Internet has transformed the human experience. The power of connecting people around the globe has lifted our potential to new heights.

In other words, the Internet is awesome and life changing and we couldn’t live without it.

Of course, that’s not the whole story.

The Internet has also brought big new challenges as we train our brains to think differently in this wired world. Our minds now have to filter out an incredible influx of daily information and stimuli in order to maintain the focus, productivity, and steady communication necessary when building better lives.

My name is Jordan Georgiev. I founded the nonprofit personal productivity community Never Productive to help doers around the world leverage tips, tricks, and best practices to beat procrastination, build better habits, and sharpen their focus so they can craft the best version of themselves.

As a software architect, I’ve worked in a bunch of global companies and have also founded a few startups. If you’re a chronic procrastinator like me, my story might sound familiar: I founded a startup, failed miserably, created a second startup, then failed again after wasting way too much time on social media, YouTube, and with video games.

Then I got depressed. I thought I was over as an entrepreneur and changemaker. I believed I was yet another casualty of procrastination.

Everything changed the day I had a spark of inspiration to hunt down every personal development and productivity tactic I could find. The more I learned, the more my interest grew into an obsession. Over time, I absorbed some amazing stuff too good to keep to myself. Now, I enjoy social media, YouTube, and video games while being productive and loving every bit of my life. So, I decided to share everything I’d learned in the personal productivity blog Never Productive.

In my blog, on my social media pages, and eventually in my videos and podcasts, I share every idea and approach I’ve read, tried, and tested to be more productive.

Our fast-growing productivity lifestyle community consists of global creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries whose work requires them to think outside boundaries but also demands a level of focus and commitment that, in a world of distractions, can be difficult.

Through our vibrant online community, we share educational and motivating content and courses covering everything from best practices for improving self-discipline to understanding how to create positive habits, how to cope with the anxiety and depression of mental overload, and how to find and maintain motivation while recognizing the warning signs of procrastination.

If you’ve ever felt the weight of distractions and procrastination crushing your productivity, join our conversation. Together we will help you master personal productivity so you can craft the best version of yourself.

Stay Awesome,
About Jordan Georgiev 1 — Never Productive