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Hey, this section is quite old. I’ve been actively writing for almost an entire year now and I’m making something much better. Something coherent with fewer typos.

If you’re looking for a fresh view on this blog, why not visit the Start Here page? It covers what I want to do for you and how am I approaching it.

As for here, you’ll get an insight of what was swirling around my head when I was first starting this blog.

About The Blog

Let’s face it, this our entire generation of Millennials is royally served. We were exposed to the attention degrading Internet. We didn’t have the chance to build good work habits or develop the skill to focus.

But wait, There is more! Older generations can’t even fathom the depth of the issue. “The kids are just lazy and unmotivated” is the usual patter. As if we’re not all aware of the that. No one is looking at the root cause, though. One of the main causes is not having good health, learn how to getting rid of nail fungus and stay healthy here!

After 5 years of trying to figure out the issue myself, I started to get it.

If you’re one of the lucky bastards that had got saved from all that by his visionary parents, great! Otherwise, this next section is the best part of this guide for you.

NeverProductive.com is all about doing more of the things that count. Yes, productivity. You’re born with loads of time on your disposal – enough to achieve your greatest goals.
“That’s rubbish!”, I can already hear you say. And obviously you’re getting even more than just your goals – you’re headed for legendary greatness. I’m just tagging along to help and enjoy your awesomeness.

About The Author

Jordan Georgiev happened to be a programmer at day and productivity expert at night ( #selfproclaimed ). Driven by both thirst for knowledge and the desire for efficiency combined with a job that’s basically 239 milliseconds away from Facebook, productivity research and self-experimentation (no needles, promise!) was a predictable and useful way to go.

Jordan Georgiev

About Jordan Georgiev Jordan Georgiev 1 » Never Productive

Jordan can’t stay still. Every minute of every day must be filled in with something – coding, design, a Rubik’s cube or a pack of cards; time should never be spent doing nothing. As a well-read guy, he pretty much read (or listened to #protip) every book on productivity he could find.

With his wide area of expertise, he can draw new and interesting ideas and insight for a more productive life from many areas, including:

  • Programming
  • Game Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Magic
  • Strength Training

And even some knowledge in music, marketing, and social dynamics.

So obviously one the intelligent, modest and all around awesome guys around. He is to try his best at writing to try to make other people’s lives better and more fulfilled.

Finally …

Yeah, I wrote my description in the third person. I saw Chris Garret do it and figured “Why not get an amazingly about page?” and did that myself, too. I guess it worked – you’re reading the most devoid of cool productivity information page on the blog!



I’m Jordan. Welcome to my blog!

Here you’ll find my compiled thoughts about productivity, happiness, and life in general. Use what you like, discard what you don’t like, and craft the best version of you!

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